You’re blocked

One of my many talents is being able to project negatively into the future and predict calamity and doom.  Although it is something, I am good at, it is not good for my wellbeing and resilience.  And oftent I find myself worrying about something that will never happen.  I am aware that people say ‘plan for the worst and hope for the best’, however I think we can struggle with the later.  

The trouble is worrying is a complete waste of time and energy because we worry about something that may never happen and then if it doeswe worry again.  We could half the time spent worrying by just waiting to see if we actually need to.  When you get right down to it, it is inefficient and we could use the time more wisely. 

So I have decided to block unhelpful thoughts, if one enters my mind I ask myself how does this help me and if it doesn’t I block it.  I imagine a blind coming down with BLOCKED in huge letters written in it.  Howeverthere is a part two to this technique and this is critical.  I immediately think of several helpful thoughts because the brain doesn’t like a vacuum so I give mine something positive to occupy itself with.  Now this does take time and energy because I have had many years of practicing my negative thinking so I have to work a bit harder  

But it is making a positive difference to my mood and selfesteem so I am going to keep on doing it until I become as skilled at it as I was worrying. Negative thinking – youre blocked.

How helpful are your thoughts right now?  How could you change them to make them positive and constructive? 

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